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We prioretized our students' safety, quality of our training and satisfactory learning outcome through internet, so we keep social distance, provide live and video recorded training module.

Digital Mark 1.5 Hours

Digital Marketing

Engaging with the immersive technologies of Augmented, Virtual and Mixed realities has never been more exciting...

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Graduate Schol 3 Years

Graduate Scholarship

Graduate Scholarships at the Universiti Brunei Darussalam 2021-22 welcomes you to pursue your graduate studies and...

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Nafrees Paid 7 Days

Web Development

We Tech247 going to conduct a 7 days online seminar on Full stack Web develoment program for the Interested candidates.

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Riswan Paid 2 Days

Facebook Marketing

Here is the Chance to Earn Money through Facebook, How to Drive Demand, Create Loyal Fans, and Grow Your Business on Facebook.

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Recent Articles

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24 January 2021

Mobile Secure

How can I tell if my phone has been hacked?, In this article, we are going to discuss about the symptoms if your mobile hacked.

15 January 2021

WA, S, TG Privacy

WhatsApp informing users that they need to accept its updated TOS and privacy policy or lose access to the app from 8 Feb.

14 January 2021

WA vs T vs S

Please keep in mind this is a comparison table of features and NOT of data protection, end to end encryption or security. but other opt.

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